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      え ん じ 色 の た す き に 込 め ら れ た 思 い を 系 ぎ 、 チ ー ム 一 丸 と な っ て 临 な っ て.
      热 い 応 助 を よ ろ し く お 愿 い し ま す!

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      Japan won back. Women's Land Athletics Department が Mount Fuji Women's Challenge

      On December 30th (Month), the Women's Land Athletics Department, "2019 All-Nihon University Women's Selection Race (Fuji Mountain Women's Championship)", appeared. Mount Fuji Women's Club, 7 sections, 43.4km in total length, 24 clubs. Last year's Mt. Fuji Women's Team, 6th consecutive domineering, and 3rd place. This year, Japan won the spotlight.

      In October, the "37th All-Japan University Women's College Student Contest (DU の 都 駅 伝)", four-year-old winners, and three winners, the final result. During the 2 months of the month, the goal of the winner of the Mt. Fuji Women is one pill and one practise, one who is practicing に ん で き た, and one who is a Japanese one. Player た ち の 力强 い 走 り と 强 い い に, エ ー ル を 送 を.

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