Subject and other training and lecture system

に つ い て は 、 下 记 を ご 覧 く だ さ い in 2019.

※ The application period in 2019 is over.

※ 経 営 管理 研究 系 て は い て は, の の の が あ り ま す 目 が あ り ま す の で, when the graduate school asks い 合 わ せ く だ さ い.

履 Management subjects such as management research subjects

Subject and other training system

※ The present items of "2019 students and other trainees who want to make their own wishes" are distributed by the faculty and research offices.
(Department of Economics / Department of Economics / Graduate School, Department of Policy Science / Graduate School, Department of Integrated Psychology, and Department of Humanities, Department of Human Sciences, OIC School, University of Science and Technology).

※ Delivery petitions, "Present items for graduates and other students in 2019", "Introduction", various applications (application tickets for courses and other subjects in 2019, application courses for courses, etc.), and paper used by the schoolで raised し て く だ さ い. (ホ ー ム ペ ー ジ か ら ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド し た も の を プ リ ン ト ア ウ ト し て uses す る こ と が な い よ う に し て く だ さ い)

※ The Faculty of Law and Graduate School of Law offers courses in training and examinations.

※ Faculties and courses for teaching courses are subject to examination and confirmation.

Speaking system

※ The present items of "2019 Annual Lecturer's Proposal for Essentials" are distributed by the faculty and the Graduate School Office.
(Department of Economics, Department of Economics, Department of Policy Science / Graduate School, Department of Psychology, Department of Human Psychology, and Department of Human Sciences. Occasion of OIC Science and Technology.)

※ a willing ni thou ta ~ te wa, "2019 annual hearing to speak birth is willing to hand tu du key elements" の is now on wo start shi ta u え で, a variety of application categories (2019 annual hearing talk willing, hearing talk by talking about subjects apply for tickets NADO) wo, this study set out の paper で proposed shi te ku da sa i. (Pe ー ホ one woods ji kara one then manufactured by Dow nn ro mo の wo shi ta pu ri nn Suites ア Dow Suites resolved after use su ru ko と nai ga te shi-yo-u ni ku da sa i)

※ · Law Department of Law lecture courses understands a shoe-repair testえのおwilling wo square wa, koちra woごconfirm ku da sa i.

We are willing to hand out the items to be mailed wo tu du ご hope の occasions

A wish to hand zoku to item の mailing wo ご desired の side ha, the following の 1,2 wo Ming Kee shi ta メ holds と, 3 (back credit cut hand) wo with sealing の u え the note Ma - de send payment shi te ku da sa i.

  1. Su ru の want to be the kind of item (and other subjects shoe seminarians, hearing speaking students) number と Department
  2. First letter back home, s name, phone designation
  3. Hand-cut back credit subjects such as shoe repair birth is willing to hand tu du item 250 yen · hearing is willing to talk about to give birth to items credited の hand tu du tael square (one each) on the 250 yen-380 yen

[Send] to pay
〒603-8577 56-1 Kitamachi, Kita-ku, Kyoto City
Kinugasa teaching subject courses Ritsumeikan University and other shoe seminarians · hearing students to speak Wan line item
※ Business Administration Management Division (Business Administration School)のごhope to item woのoccasions ha, Business Administration Management Division (Business Administration School) niおいask co wa se ku da sa i.

By speaking subjects の い ta shi wo know ri ta い contents occasion

This wa Bio Science で Silicone nn nn ra LITE made bath-wo shi te お ri ma si の で, そ ち で ご confirmation ra sa i.
(2019 Annual Edition March 8 ha ri an have su predetermined DESU)

Bio ※ LITE nn nn ra Silicone content wa bath-の Bian ni na ru more occasions thou ri ga ma si の で ご the bearing ku da sa i.

※ a talk by starting it で ki ga thou ri ma si subjects. Details subjects wa wo shi te IRU lecture Faculty affairs office note ni shi te ku da sa i.

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