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Tomorrow's Kyoto Cultural Heritage プ ラ ッ ト ホ ー ム

Tomorrow's Kyoto Cultural Heritage プ ラ ッ ト ホ ー ム は "Cultural Heritage of Ancient Capital Kyoto の Destroyed and Inherited" and "Cultural Heritage に Modern Project Issues" Can Be Seen Out and Future Significance Existing Meaning Highこ と "" Creation of a century-old predecessor, the creation of a new cultural heritage of the future "and" present ", established in October 2010. Specific details, "preservation and inheritance of cultural heritage", "preservation and utilization of traditional culture in Kyoto", "education, research, and human development of cultural heritage", "cultural heritage, disaster, conservation, education," and "new cultural heritage" 』の 5 つ の 企 に 取 り 组 ん で い ま す.
Details, WEB イ トを Confirmation of Tomorrow's Kyoto Cultural Heritage ッ ラ ッ ト ホ ー .

Kyoto History Museum

Kyoto City History Corridor Association, General Citizens, Temples, Brasseries, Shop Owners, and University of Kyoto, Kita-nishi, Kyoto City. Participation. Established in 2004. The regional activation of human resources, the development of human resources, and the development of multicultural cultural industries will be carried out. Ritsumeikan University, the main agreement of the Association, the plan of the Office of the Council, and the transportation of the Association.
For details, the web site confirmation from Kyoto History Corridor Association .

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