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Therefore, Suekawa Sumikawa's reputation is 総 総, 戦 前 ・ 戦 后 を 通 を Education, Academic Research, and Cultural Activities 広 く い 広 く 大 き な Footprint に お を In November 1945, Mr. Suekawa greeted the school after his failure. Mr. Suekawa, since 1969, 25 years, the president of Ritsumeikan, the president of Ritsumeikan, peace and democracy, established his teaching philosophy, and revitalized and revitalized the school.

Suekawa Memorial Hall, 1983's long-standing reputation, the legacy of the endeavour of Suekawa Bo, the inheritance of the spirit, the development of the future, the development of facilities and facilities, alumni, faculty, and aspiring parties from all walks of life. Construction さ れ ま し た.

Hall case

Inside the museum, 1st-level に Suekawa Hiroshi's reputation and long-learned ・ Social achievements な ら び に Inheritance products し て い る メ モ リ ア ル ル ー ム and March 1946, "Ritsuikan Earthen Lectures" will be held in the week, and the lecture hall of Suekawa Memorial Hall will be openedを Setting し て い ま す. 2nd floor, Kyoto Local Tribunal's relocation "Matsumoto Memorial Juror Court", research results of the former Honorary Professor Shirakawa Shimo, general public, Chinese characters, enlightenment and popularization, education, and research of Toyo literary culture The meeting room of the activity "Tokyo Shirakawa Memorial Memorial Culture Research Institute" and its purpose and "つ い つ" are set up.

  • メ モ リ ア ル ル ー ム と and jury Fating は free に 参 観 で き ま す.
  • Suekawa Lecture Room and Conference Room は Lectures and seminars な ど に ご き ま す (informed). ご Using さ れ る Hope さ れ る 方 は, the following "い 问 い 合 わ せ 先" ま で Contact さ い.
  • 施 设 用 に つ い て の はこ ち らの はこ ち ら

    August, December, and January will be closed on the first day of every month except the first day of the month, and the day, day, and day of the other day will be opened. な お, the end of the year, the beginning of the year, the whole school in August, the rest of the school, and the rest of the museum, and the さ せ て い た だ き ま す の で, and the use of the intercourse, before the next "お 问 い 合 わ せ 先" へ ご 照会 く だ さ い.

    Matsumoto Memorial ホ ー ル jury court

    Matsumoto Memorial ホ ー ル jury court
    1928 (Showa 3), 15 years, the jury system, the next generation, precious, cultural heritage.

    メ モ リ ア ル ル ー ム

    メ モ リ ア ル ル ー ム
    Mr. Suekawa's academic, social activities, achievements, relics, books, and reception rooms (recovery) are displayed.

    Suekawa Memorial Hall Lecture Room

    Suekawa Memorial Hall Lecture Room
    There are 188 participants in the lecture room of the Suekawa Memorial Hall of the Conservation Hall, lectures, and other parties. 毎 周 土 曜 日, "Ritsuikan Earthen Lecture" は こ こ で い は こ こ で.

    Conference Room 2

    Conference Room 2
    2nd floor: 1st to 3rd meeting room, installation, seminars, seminars, etc.

    Conference Room 3

    Conference Room 3
    There are 20 members in the first meeting room, 30 members in the second meeting room, and 40 members in the third meeting room.


    The step-by-step life-saving synergy group レ ス ト ラ ン 「カ ル で す」 で す.

Opening and closing days

Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm
Closed days: Regular closed days on the first day of the following month (August, December, and January)

But, at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the whole school will be closed, and the rest hall will be closed.
Shueikan Suei Sugawan Memorial Hall receives payment (TEL: 075-465-8234) Shochikaikai.

Suekawa Hiroshi (す え か わ ・ ひ ろ し) プ ロ フ ィ ー ル

On November 20, 1892, Yamaguchi was born in Keke Village. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Kyoto Emperor Dafa in 1917, co-professor in 1925, and a doctor of law in 1931's "Infringement Theory". In the 1933 Beijing University event, protests were made by Satoki Takiichi Hiroshi Kudo and his resignation. In November 1945, the President of Ritsumeikan University, the President of Ritsumeikan University in 1948, and the President of Ritsumeikan University took office. ま た Citizens に kaikai University を め ざ し て 1946 Ritsumeikan Earthquake Lecture opened. In 1969, he retired, and his honorary director and president. Member of the Japan Academy of Sciences, member of academic conference. He is the author of "Contract Theory" and "Research on Profit Abuse". The representative of the compilation of "Iwami Six Methods" and "Dictionary of Law", the responsible editor of "Civil and Commercial Law" and the important town of law. He died on February 16, 1977.

お 问 い 合 わ せ

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