Completed smoking ban

This school, April 2008, "Ritsumeikan Gakuen University's Completely Non-Smoking Smoking Guide" Guideline, Policy Makers, Smokers: University Era, Smoking Habits, Paying, Paying, Receiving, and Social Responsibilities of the Universityと し て, prevention of smoking, and prevention of smoking altogether, the smoking ban is completely banned, and it is decided by the け た 取 け た group. After the guidelines were set, the pilot committee of the Promoting Committee, and the non-smoking non-smoking pilot group, will be launched in January 2013. The decision was made by the Board of Directors of the "Total Ban on smoking" on April 1, 2013.

In 2008, a comprehensive smoking ban was introduced, and the guidelines were: ① Health and Society Smoking and Harmfulness に つ い て, the members of the academies に Education 発 す る, Kai 発 す る, ② Active smoking に よ る Health damage か ら Non-smokers を Shou る, ③ education for new smokers, health education, enlightenment, ④ smoking support for smokers, and 4 o'clock contents of を ん り 込 content and な っ て い ま す.

指针 の 指针 の の の, concrete, September 2008, each of the two stations 2 to 3, set the smoking ban outside the smoking habit. ま た, April 2009, the annual education of all faculties, the time and group of non-smoking education, and April 1, 2010, smoking and smoking bans in the staff. さ ら に, Key points for non-smoking in late 2012: Setting guidelines, application of Kyoto City's "upward activity body", application of non-smoking guidance for all-in-one education, フ イ ュ レ ー ト (マ ニ ュ ア ル), preparation, キ ャ ン パ ス に 様 々 な広 告 の 掲 示 を 行 い ま し た.

After the five-year period of the above-mentioned steps were taken, in April 2013, "the entire smoking ban" was implemented.

In 2013, the decline in smoking rates among undergraduates at the time of health diagnosis, the reduction of smoking environment, the formation of certain environmental conditions, the beginning of certain achievements, and the existence of many problems .

The real "common smoking ban", toward け て, ① high consciousness of the parties involved in the members of the academy, ② Moral, を 図 る ー の を 図 る 取 を 図 る 取 り group み の み 施, ③ 禁烟 education (継 続 新 た な 食 者 を 生 ま な い) Gongfu), ④Residents, students, students, teachers, staff, students, faculty, staff, etc., all the members of the academy of the true meaning of the activity activities.

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