Students who have passed the course (in the course), who have obtained qualifications, who have obtained qualifications, and who have obtained national qualifications for examinations. を Lectures other than lectures (extracurricular), lectures, qualifications, and guidance.

で 理 资格 の 资格 定 资格 い に つ

を 通 を 学 び に お い て, graduated graduates of designated positions, graduates of qualifications (Ministry of Literature and Imaging: Faculty members, students), and national qualifications for examination and acceptance (Faculty: Department of Teachers,な ど) が で き ま す.
※ Faculties and disciplines have obtained qualifications, acceptance qualifications are different, and are confirmed in the HP case of the university.

Obtained by the Faculty of Education under the Ministry of Education, it is not possible to obtain a teacher. (Department of Economics, Department of Education)

课外 で の の 资格 定 に つ い に つ

Ritsumeikan University, Passed the Examination, Passed the Examination, and obtained the qualifications for the students who have learned "Study" and "Student's Grinding," as well as their language skills, and multi-role.

ペ ー ジ ト ッ プ へ