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Photo: Ritsumeikan Life Collaboration

Ritsumeikan Life Collaboration

キ ャ ン パ ス ラ イ フ を サ ポ ー ト し ま す, member of the life synergy combination of Ritsumeikan

Photo: Ritsumeikan ぷ ら す


Local society and to whom obstacles have been created, the independence of the profession and the participation of the community, the creation of the field, the special example of the Ritsumeikan グ ル ー プ club.

Photo: ク レ オ テ ッ ク

Kureki Co., Ltd.

Education-related business center, education, research, field, and learning, high-level and environmental support

Photo: ク レ オ ヒ ュ ー マ ン

Kreuzen Co., Ltd.

Established Ritsumeikan, a school corporation, and established オ テ レ オ テ ッ ク の 子 社 社, and established a human resources business and a security business.

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