Ritsumeikan Charter

Ritsumeikan Temple, Nishikawaji Gongwang School of Learning and Ancestors, 1900, Nakagawa Kojuro, Kyoto Law School, and Creation. The name of "Li Ming", the origin of "Meng Zi" and "heart-to-heart clauses", Ritsumeikan's "learning and communication, and the field of self-cultivation and extension of self-cultivation" means something.
Ritsumeikan, "Science and Freedom" of Jianxue, "The Peaceful and Democracy" of teaching philosophy, "The Peace and Democracy" of the Second World University, the painfulness of the struggle.
Ritsumeikan は, Time and Society に Sincere に 向 き 合 い, Autonomy を Kinki, How Many Difficulties を, り, り, え な が ら, 広 く, 広 く, 协, 协, を 歩 ん で き た, 协 合 広 く 和 を, 広 く 合 て 和 を 协 协 へ 総 総 で ん で き て, a private school, and a school.

Established Ritsumeikan, Japan's Pacific Regional Location, Japanese Academy, History, Honesty, International Mutual Understanding, and Multicultural Symbiosis.
Ritsumeikan, Education, Research, Culture, and Education, Activities, Communication, Education, Regional Education, and International Community Development.
Ritsumeikan Hall, Gakuen Yakuza, Private School's Personality and Features: Living Principles, Principles of Autonomy, Democracy, Justice, Openness, Non-violence, Persistence, Faculty and Student Participation, Alumni and Parents' Collaboration, Society Bringing together the strong and strong, the school's exhibition.

Ritsumeikan, the future of humankind, the extension of the future, the freedom of knowledge, the universal creation of knowledge, and the understanding of human issues. Educational 精神, the spirit of the school and the teaching philosophy に, the spirit of "the future, the letter, the future, and the future", the development of the academic ability, the development of personality, the justice and the ethics of the citizens of the worldと し て ACTIVE で き る 人 の の 成 成 に 努 め る.
The Ritsumeikan, the main purpose of the Charter, the education and research institutions, the world, and the peaceful, democratic, and sustained contributions of Japan.

July 21, 2006 Ritsumeikan

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