Teaching philosophy

Peace and democracy

Afterwards, Ritsumeikan Gakuen Gakuen, Suekawa Hiroshi Nagasaki Welcome, the Second World University and fifteen years of contention, deep reflection, the Constitution and the Basic Law of Education, "Peace and Democracy", and teaching philosophy. 精神, the spirit and teaching philosophy of Jianxue, and the education and research of the world.
In the 1960s, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Literature, and the Faculty of Science and Technology were added; the Faculty of Science in 1962; and the Faculty of Industrial Sociology in 1965.

In 1987, the Department of Information Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Technology was established, and in 1988, the first Department of International Relations of West Japan was established. さ ら に In 1994, Shiga-Kusatsu-shi's "び わ こ ・ く さ つ キ ャ ン 、 ス (BKC)" was opened, and the Department of Science and Technology was recharged, and at the same time, the Department of Science and Technology, and the Department of Policy and Science were set up. 1998, Faculty of Science, BKC, Department of Science and Engineering, and Department of Science and Engineering, and "Combination of Arts and Sciences", "BKC New Development", April 2000, Ritsumeikan Kyungsang Junior High School, 2003 Tsukihata, Ritsumeikan Uji Junior High School's consistent education is open. ま た 、 The 100th anniversary of the establishment を Welcome to the year 2000 に, "Freedom, Peace, and Peace", "International Mutual Understanding", "Asia Pacific's Future Creation", the basic concept and the Ritsumeikan Asia University of the Pacific (APU), Opening, 2004 Established in BKC, Faculty of Information Science and Technology, 2005, and set up in 2005. Established the Suzaku University College in 2006, and established the Graduate School of Public Affairs (Graduate School of Public Policy) in 2007. さ ら に 衣 に ン パ ス パ 部 に 学 学部, School of Life Science, Moriyama Junior High School, Open School, "Freedom and Freshness" of the School Spirit, "Peace and Democracy" Teaching Concepts, and Specific Activities , Higher education institutions and today's new society, I would like to invite hard work, advanced, creative accumulation.

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