Ritsumeikan University Student Development Goals

Ritsumeikan University, the spirit of "Freedom and Freshness" and the teaching philosophy of "Peace and Democracy", the spirit of "Future Trust, Future Health", and the uniqueness of academic abilityを 花开 か せ 、 Justice and Ethics を も っ た Earth Citizens and Active People で る Education in the human world に NU め る こ と を Educational mission and し て い ま す.
Ritsumeikan University は, 様 な バ ッ ク グ ラ ン ド や, personality support, student が, "Creating a Future Beyond Borders", "main body", "learning", "development", "deployment", "combination"に よ っ て 教职 协 働 で Support し て い ま す. The main course and extra-curricular student life are all in common, the middle school of "Study's School" is a combination of learning, studying, studying, and cultivating students at the time of graduation.
(1) Respecting, respecting, and talking about the other, and attaching importance to it, thinking and acting of self-discipline in "peace and democracy"
(2) 広 い い 养 と 専 门 性 を 有 し, グ ロ ー バ ル と ロ ー カ ル の 视 位 を を, グ ロ ー み や ル と ロ ー カ ル の を の を を, ready-made, existing 枠 group, realm, super, "freedom", "freshness", thinking and action, problems see and solve
(3) Self-understanding and self-cutting issues, self-responsibility, thinking, and action
(4) "Future を 信 じ , 未来 に 生 き る" 高 い 志 を 持 ち, career に わ た っ て 学 び, action し 続 け る こ と が で き が で

Ritsumeikan University Graduate Education Goals

Ritsumeikan University Graduate School, "Freedom and Freshness", the "Building Spirit" and "Peace and Democracy" Teaching Concepts, Principles, Colorful Educational Support, Advanced Education, and Advanced Education Research ethics, research, and research. そ し て, society に お い て, the spirit of "future を 信 じ, に 生 に き る", deep literary knowledge and clarity な な リ ち さ れ た シ リ ー プ に よ っ て ー シ ッ プ に よ っ て, the development of human society and social issues, see and solve the problems of human developmentて い ま す. こ れ ら を 通 じ て, 学院 大 よ う な こ 修 よ う な こ の に と が で き る Student の 育成 を 目 指 し て い ま す.
(1) Thoughts and actions of self-discipline of high ethics and "peace and democracy" in the clerical and research positions
(2) Highly knowledgeable, knowledgeable, skillful, and practical, "free", "refreshing", thinking and action, problems, seeing and solving
(3) Social, social, and other social issues, talks, and associations, and cooperation, and cooperation, mutual respect, the achievement of the goals of knowledge, the contribution of society, and the responsibility of society. Action
(4) "Future を 信 じ , 未来 に 生 き る" 高 い 志 を 持 ち, career に わ た っ て 学 び, action し 続 け る こ と が で き が で

Established March 2, 2018

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