Jianxue Spirit

Free and fresh

Photograph: Bust of Nakagawa Kojuro (Suzaku キ ャ ン パ ス)
Bust of Nakagawa Kojuro

Ritsumeikan Gakuen Gakuen, 130 years since its founding in 2000, the 100th anniversary of Gakuen Gakuin, the private school of Japan, the history of the school and the system of the school. Ritsumeikan Gakuen 现在, present, Ritsumeikan University, University of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University 2, Ritsumeikan Elementary School, Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior High School, High School, Ritsumeikan Junior High School, High School, Ritsumeikan Uji Junior High School, High School Ritsumeikan Kyoshi Junior High School, High School 5 つ の 附属 校 を も つ 総 合 学园 で す.

History of Ritsumeikan, Politician of Representatives of Modern Japan, International Scholar Nishiienji Gongwang, 1869 (Meiji 2), 20-year-old Wakazaki, and Kyoto Imperial Garden's private residence "Ritsuikan" openedし た こ と に 始 ま り ま す. そ の 翌年, student's talk about danger and danger, and see the time of the order of the politician's staying officer's staying order は 立命 は は closed school を life を, secretary of the west garden temple め た こ service め た こ and 川川 小 十郎 が, そ のThe spirit school was established in 1900, and the night school "Kyoto Law School" was established. 立 学园 と し て の 立命 馆 の 始 ま り で す. After そ の, 1913, Kyoto Law School, the promise of Nishienji Temple, the name of the "Ritsumeikan", inheritance, and today.

Nakagawa Kojuro, Xiyuan Temple's "Liberalism and Internationalism" Spiritual Acceptance, "Freedom and Freshness" School, "Freedom and Progressiveness", "Feng" and "Fun" School Creation. こ の 神 こ, 立命 馆 学园 の 建 学 の の し て の し て, ま で の ま で ま で, 学 所 に 集 に 者 の 心 に 息 づ い て い ま す.

Today, Ritsumeikan Gakuen, the most active university reform, Gakuen creation, Gakuen, and society in the country are the most prosperous. こ の よ う な 本 学 の の Advanced, Creative, and "Freedom and Freshness" and い う 建 学 の 心 う root ざ す も の の ん.

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