Declaration of Ritsumeikan

Ritsumeikan, ス ポ ー ツ を, the meaning and culture of common humanity, enjoyment, personal happiness, society, peace and complexity, and irresistible, and examination, "Ritsuikan Charter" 章 基 づ き ス ポ ー ツ を 学园 づ く り のた め の important element and position location.
Ritsumeikan, the creation of the opportunity of multi-learning, and the point of creation, the "field of learning and growth" of children, apprentices, and students, as well as the revitalization and development of ス ポ ー ツ の の に の に の に の に の め て の に の め て の め て の め て の に の め て の の 変 の 変 化 に 対 応 し, こ れ ま で 上 に society の 要 に 応 え る こ と に 応 え る こ き が で 人 を を 成 す る と と も に, ス ポ ー ツ の つ 的 つ 力 and 服役 的 つ 力 を 服 内 修 め て 学 に 外 に 的 に と す こ と を と し, し 立命 馆 ス ポ ー ツ manifesto ツ 定 定 め る.

Ritsumeikan, the spirit of Jianxue and the teaching concept of the foundation, the high level of standard, the revitalization and development of the school, and the "spiritual of the future, the future of the future", the spiritual development of the human world.

Ritsumeikan, the spirit of "liberalism and internationalism" of the ancestors of the ancestral Xiyuan Temple, the spirit of acceptance, the perseverance of the language, the culture, the nation, and the border, and the means of mutual understanding, as well as the test, freedom, freedom Entrepreneurship, wind, richness, international peace, and international exchanges, and the development of the citizens of the world.

Ritsumeikan, private 総 合 し て 园 と し て, そ の education course に お い て ス ポ ー ツ を and お し た all-person education, practice, and development, ク ラ ブ ・ サ ー ク ル を は じ め, and the promotion and development of extracurricular autonomous activities.

Ritsumeikan は, が の の 有 有 に 关 に, す べ て の 学校 构成 部 に, ス ポ ー ツ に to participate, basic benefits, respect, common respect, ス ポ ー ツ を, daily life, roots, mind and body, health, twilight, life, life, and familyこ と を 奨 励 す る.

Ritsumeikan, Culture and Educational Significance of Educational Education, Meaningful Understanding, Educational and Research Education, Research and Development of High-level Standards, Promotion and Development of the National Education and Development of the State of Japan.

Ritsumeikan, the school's concept of the school has the modernized support, the alumni and parents, including the academy's related persons, and the contribution of the school, the school's exhibition, the promotion of the important driving forces, and the test, and the revitalization and exhibition. Nothing.

Ritsumeikan, ミ ュ ー ミ ュ 通 ツ を, the old men and women who have formed a local community, and the development of the community, the contribution of the local community to the health of the community, and the social division of society.

April 9, 2014 Ritsumeikan

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