The Importance of Public Funds to Achieve the Charge ~ Creation of "World Language University, World University of Languages" ~

Ritsumeikan University, the spirit of "freedom and freshness", the teaching philosophy of "peace and democracy," "role," local, regional roots, "world language university, world language university"目 指 し て い ま す. Gakuenjo, yesterday, 10 years from now, world direction, Gakuen R2030 policy decision, "Choose and Freedom ~ Challenge your mind Change our Future" を ビ ジ を ビ ン ワ ー ド と し ま し た. See you first and foremost, difficult times, private ‘problem’ し て い し て の く と い う courageous and decisive proclamation declaration, students, faculty ’s “わ く わ く”, university, キ ャ ン キ ャ ス を を, and し て いAlas.

Ritsumeikan University, Reform and Advancement of Education and Research, Reinforcement of Tuition Fees, Introduction of Social Funds, Introduction of New Social Funds, Earning of Research Fees, Tuition Grantsな い よ う 常 に 工作 を 続 け て き を 続 け て.

One, 3, and 4 of the university students in Japan, about 3 points of private education, private education, public education, and important education, fruit education, private education, and regular expenses that help make up 1な い 水 level で す. Government, government, university, and other scholarship support programs, new laws, and regulations, and the system of funding and scholarships in difficult strata in April 2020 The amount of help, the student alone is 10 times the difference between the national and private, and the burden of students and parents on private study is too big and heavy.

Ritsumeikan University, Public Funding Support, Enrichment Direction, "Ritsuikan University Full-Study Liaison Conference", "Center for Public Funding Promotion", and Center for Admissions.

や 、 The importance of the public funds to help you fill in the private school や 取 り 组 み に つ い て, ご understand and support を を り ま す よ う お い い し し 上 げ ま す.

Mayor of Ritsumeikan University, Yoshio Nakataka, President of Ritsumeikan University

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