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1. Ritsumeikan University's Research Ethics (Research Ethics)

―The 19th edition of the research ethics Hannikak―

In April 2019, Yoshio Nakagu, Chairman of the Research Ethics Committee of Ritsumeikan University

Basic research activities at university, research and education. High research, high education, and high education. が の よ う に 优 よ う に 研究 が 出 さ れ た と し て も, そ の research ethical issues, including で の で の た の た, そ の 価 値 の み な ら ず, and university researchers are not convinced. Social Responsibility: The University's and Mori Research Ethics, Responsibility, Stepping Research, Research, and Action.
ま た, August 2014, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Research Activities, Improper Behavior, and Other Problems", "Public Statement". With the help of ガ イ ド ラ イ ン, research activities, misbehavior, basic principles of self-discipline of the scientific discipline of the researcher, scientific research, prevention of misconduct by research institutes, responsibility, prevention, and strengthening of misconduct図 る こ と と さ れ て お り, various research institutes に お い て Research activities in the prevention of malpractices に け た け た system reform が い ま す.
Research by the University of Japan, the policy decision of the "Scientific Man's Code of Action" at the Japanese Academic Conference in 2006, the policy decision of the "Incorrect Behavior of Research Activities" by the Scientific and Technological and Academic Council, and other research concepts The basic posture of the activity, the research activities, the participants, etc., awareness, ethics, basic responsibilities, and clarification of the "Ritsumeikan University Research Ethics Guidelines" were formulated (March 15, 2007, as a regular council member). "Research Ethics Guidelines" from the University of Tokyo, "Research Ethics Standards for Extra-Study Communication", and research activities to advance research activities.
The category of research ethics, the ethics of research ethics, the proper implementation of research costs, the opposite of interest, the science of science (fabrication, alteration, misappropriation, and the unethical behavior of scientific research)の 问题 等 を 含 め 広 范 囲 に 広 が っ て い ま す. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and other related organizations, and other research institutions, the status of other research institutions, etc., such as the University of Japan, the University of Japan, the University of Japan, the University of Japan, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, and the University of Japan.
Today, research at the University of Education, extracurricular exchanges at home and abroad, and multi-disciplinary exchanges at home and abroad are underway. In the future, we will actively promote external exchanges, "Research Ethics Guidelines", "Ethical Standards for External Exchanges", and confirm and observe them.
ハ ん は ッ は, faculty researcher, researcher, research activity, university student, faculty student, faculty member, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan Academic Conference, etc. Policy guidance, research at our university Ethical に 关 わ る 考 え 方 や 取 み の を summary を understand を い し て 成 成 し て. Active に 用 用 い た だ き ま す よ う お 愿 い 申 し 上 げ ま す.

2019 Annual Edition Research Ethics Hank

Research Ethics Handbook AY2019 (English)

※ デ ー タ Capacity が 大 き い た め, open か な い occasion は once saved し て フ し て イ ル を 开 い て く だ さ い.

2. Research activities in the country: misconduct (external intelligence)

Departments of research ethics, the provinces of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Japan Academic Conference, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, other various systems, the Code of Conduct, joint statements, etc. Locations of research activities, malpractices, and the soundness of science and technology in the country.

  1. 活动 イ ラ イ ン, summary, FAQ, etc.
    (Reformed by the Minister of Science and Technology on August 26, 2012)
  2. Soundness of Science-Exhibition of Honesty Scientists-(テ キ ス ト 版)
    (March 31, 2007 Editorial Committee of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
  3. Research Ethics (JST)
    (Prevention of dissatisfaction in the dissertation, scientific behavior, etc.)
  4. Statement "Scientist's Code of Practice-Revised Edition-"
    (Japan Academic Conference on January 25, 2013 (2013))
  5. Joint statement on the soundness of scientific research
    (December 11, 2012 Association of General Corporations, National Corporations, Association of General Corporations, Public University, Japan Private University Association, and Japan Academic Conference)
  6. Upwardness of scientific research に お け る soundness (answer)
    (Japanese Academic Conference on March 6, 2007)

3. Basic Policies and Procedures of Ritsumeikan University

Ritsumeikan University's guidelines for the development of the following guidelines for the country's situation, the guidelines for the development of university research, the basic guidelines for the research, and the guidelines for the implementation of the guidelines.

  1. Ritsumeikan University Research Ethics Guidelines (March 25, 2015)
  2. Rules of Ritsumeikan University Research Ethics Committee
  3. Rules for Preventing Misconduct in Research Activities at Ritsumeikan University
  4. Procedures for obtaining notification from Ritsumeikan

4. Clarification of the responsibility system within the organization

"Research activities improper behavior", "Ritsumeikan University", "Responsibility System" of the University, and the following clarifications.

  1. The person in charge of top management is Dean of the Ritsumeikan University (hereinafter, the university name is omitted).
  2. It is the name of the senior manager who is responsible for the research of the management responsibilities and the vice president.
  3. Belonging to the researcher, research ethics compliance, weekly knowledge, supervision responsibility and limited research ethics education responsibility person, education research organization.
  4. Prevention of Improper Behavior 相 相 に 対 応 す る た め, 窓 口 を 置 き ま す inside and outside the school. 者 の 相 窓 口 は, Research Planning Department, キ ャ リ パ ー チ オ フ ィ ス と し ま す. Student's talk, mouth, and office of the educational research organization.
  5. Illegal behaviors related to the internal and external notifications of the school, the school's Ritsumeikan notification acquisition procedures, and the decision.

5. Research Ethics Education

Basic Ethics and Research Forms of Research Ethics Education of the University and Selection of Researchers of the University.

  1. "Scientific Sound Development Exhibition-Honesty Scientists' Experience-" and "Research Ethics Educational Textbooks" and the Understanding Degree チ ェ ッ ク テ ス トの 自己ッ ク
  2. Lecture on "Research Ethics Era ー ニ ン グ"

な お, specific methods of receiving lectures, after each lecture, various books, books, etc.

6. Announcement

Incorrect behavior of research activities に 关 す る 报 窓 口 に つ い て はこ ち らを ご 覧 く だ さ い.

Preventive use of public research fees

Human Ethics and Research Ethics (Department of Humanities and Social Sciences)

"Ritsumeikan University Regulations on Human Ethics and Research Ethics Review Committee Regulations" Developed and applied for human ethics and research ethics review applications.

ヒ ト を 対 象 と す る Research Ethics (Ended December 2015)

"Procedures of Ritsumeikan University's Bioethics Examination Committee", which is formulated and applied for research ethics review by the Ministry of Education.

Human Ethics and Medical Ethics (Department of Natural Science)

"Research ethics regulations of the Department of Human and Elephant Medicine of Ritsumeikan University", the application for the review of the application of the ethics review of the Department of Human and Elephant Medicine and the Department of Medicine.

Animal Images and Research Ethics

"Ritsumeikan University Animals Regulations" Application for Development, Application of Animal Ethics, and Research Ethics Review Accepted.

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