Proper execution

Appropriate implementation of research fees

Preventive use of public research fees

(1) Management of public research fees

Ritsumeikan University, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, "Research Management and Inspection of Research Institutions" (Information Standards) (Corrected on February 15, 2007, February 18, 2014, and the following "public research fee management audit "ガ イ ド ラ イ ン" and い う) に 基 、 き, the research fee of this scholarship is appropriate, and the management and management methods are discussed. こ の た び, "Ritsumeikan University's Research Fund Management and Auditing Standards" (implemented on October 17, 2007), "Research Rules of Ritsumeikan University's Research Funds Management Policy" (April 2015, 1日 施行) を 定 を の で 、 公 表 い た し ま す. "Public research fee management audits", new regulations, basic regulations, and rigorous use of public research fees at Ritsumeikan University to prevent and prevent the implementation of appropriate research groups to ensure the acquisition of funds.

(2) Unfair use of national research fees

The public research fee is the "public research fee management audit" が イ ま す ラ イ ン. 同 様 の ガ イ ド ラ イ ン が が 生 労 働 省 や 総 务 省 等 官 公公 出 出 さ れ て い ま す. こ の よ う に, public research fee の 不正 用 に 系 わ っ て, 厳 正 か つ か つ suitable to execute あ り 方 が 求 が い ま す.

(3) Fundamental policies and procedures for preventing unauthorized use of research fees by Ritsumeikan University

Ritsumeikan University, national guidelines, guidelines, guidelines, guidelines, guidelines, guidelines, and guidelines for the use of unreasonable research fees.

(4) Clarification of the responsibility system within the organization ("public research fee management audit" and "rules" and "statutes")

"Public research fee management audits", "Ritsumeikan University", "Responsibility System" of the University, and the following clarifications.

  • ① The person in charge of top management is the principal and head of Ritsumeikan University (hereinafter, the university name is omitted).
  • ②Under the name of the senior manager, who is responsible for the research of the management responsibilities, and who is the vice president.
  • ③ The public research fee is related to the responsibility and limitation of the affairs, and the person in charge of the affairs management is responsible, and the Minister of Research Affairs, the Deputy Chief Minister is sufficient. た だ し, responsible for the management of public research fees other than the research department, and the person in charge of the affairs management of the department;
  • ④ The affiliated researcher, public research fee, and proper implementation of compliance: weekly knowledge, supervision responsibility, and limitation. The public research fee is not used to prevent the education responsibility person and the affiliated organization. The research fee of the public affairs department is not used by the person in charge of prevention, the person in charge of the affairs management mentioned above.
  • ⑤Public research fee: Talk about the inside and outside of the school, and talk about the mouth. 相 谈 窓 口 は 各 リ サ ー チ オ フ ィ ス と し ま す.
  • ⑥ Unfair use of public research fees, oral communication, internal and external notifications, and statutory procedures for notification processing at Ritsumeikan.
(5) Improper use prevention plan

The management of those who are responsible for management and public use of the research fee is subject to the prevention of illegal use plan, annual policy determination, and publicity. We do not use prevention plan to advance deployment research department.

(6) Conversation of Education

In 2017, the University's scientific research grant assistance business (scientific research fee) and public research costs were awarded to new researchers, and new methods were recruited. ① ② い の の method で コ ン プ ラ イ ア ン ス education を す る こ と と い い ま す.

  • ① イ ン ト ラ ネ ッ ト (the following URL)
  • ②DVD に よ る 视 聴 キ ャ の パ リ サ ー チ オ フ ィ ス (Suzaku パ キ ャ ン パ ス は 研究 は 工 画 程 课) に て Loan ※ For English version of compliance education, please click here.
(7) Proposal of oath

(6) After the training (visual inspection), the public research fee will be paid by the researcher, the staff, and the oath. が な い と of the oath agreement, public research fee を と や, application す る こ と が で き ま せ ん. I would like to ask you about each person, research planning section, and ま で お い い た し ま す.

(8) Research fee execution ガ イ ド ブ ッ ク に つ い て

The annual research fee for the 2018 edition is executed by ガ イ ド ブ ッ ク を 発 行 し ま し た.

(9) Monolithic system

Internal audit regulations, business audits, business audit offices, internal audits, annual audits, etc.

  • ①Inspection of the status of the management system and activities in the deployment of prevention plan
  • ② The key points of the inspection are drawn by the inspection team.
(10) Announcement

The use of public research fees is not correct. に 关 す る 报 窓 口 に つ い て は 、 こ ち らを ご 覧 く だ さ い.

研究 不正 へ の 取 组 み に つ い て はこ ち ら

そ の 他

Ritsumeikan University Ethical Standards for Extra-Student Communication (established March 27, 1992)

Ritsumeikan University's Ethical Standards for Ethical Exchanges, Extracurricular Funds, and Academic and Research Studies: Effective Development and Utilization of Educational Research, Enrichment, and Social Recruitment.

Ritsumeikan University Contrary Interests ポ ジ ポ ン ト ・ ポ リ シ ー (Applicable on April 1, 2004)

Ritsumeikan University は, Ritsumeikan University Contrast of Interests ポ リ シ ー ポ い て, Contrast of Contrasts of Interest を を を し て き ろ と に, む し ろ front か ら こ れ を 受 け と め て 取 り 扱 う こ と を 定 め て い ま す.

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